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Responders Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been developed by Yorkshire 4x4 Response to ensure that all its members act responsibly and project a professional and expert image when attending an incident or acting on behalf of a user service.

All responders must:
  1. ensure that their vehicle is road-legal at all times whilst driving on behalf of Yorkshire 4x4 Response and that their vehicle insurance fully covers them and any third party whilst driving on behalf of Yorkshire 4x4 Response.
  2. comply with the GLASS Code of Conduct when travelling on unsurfaced roads.
  3. ensure that they are fully conversant with the limitations of their vehicles and are competent in its handling before taking the vehicle away from surfaced roads.
  4. ensure that they are fully conversant with the limitation of any equipment carried in their vehicle and competent in its use prior to operation.
  5. drive within their capabilities and not take any unnecessary risks.
  6. ensure that they wear a 4x4 Response Hi-viz waistcoat and carry their identity card and wear it whilst driving on behalf of Yorkshire 4x4 Response.
  7. ensure that they carry a minimum level of equipment, which must include: a notebook & pencil, torch, a first aid kit, jack, wheel brace to fit vehicle, a shovel and a recovery/tow rope of sufficient strength to recover their vehicle.
  8. ensure that they carry sufficient fuel prior to attending an incident, especially at night.
  9. remember that they are responsible for their own vehicle and the personnel within it. (REGARDLESS of instructions from third parties the driver has ultimate responsibility to judge their capabilities and the limitations of their vehicle. The driver has the right to refuse to take their vehicle into a situation for which they do not feel safe. They must, however, follow the instructions of a Police officer if told to move due to the requirements of legislation.)
  10. follow the instructions of the Team Leader appointed by the Controller.
  11. inform the Controller if they are unable to attend an incident or if the User Service requires additional assistance.
  12. ensure that they do not pass any information, regarding an incident, to any third party without first obtaining permission from the User Service or Controller.
  13. remember that they are representing Yorkshire 4x4 Response whilst attending incidents and must ensure that their actions project a professional and expert image at all times.

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