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Next East Yorks Meeting: 14th December 1945 start
Next West Yorks Meeting: Monday 17th December
Next North Yorks Meeting: wednesday 5th december
Next South Yorks Meeting: Wednesday 12th December

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East Yorkshire Meet
Calendar: Group Calendar
This event occurs on the Second Friday of every 1 month(s)
14-09-2018 to 10-08-2022
07:30 PM to 12:00 AM
East Yorkshire Meet.

At the Nag Heads Pub in Routh.

19.45 Start.


Find it here - https://www.nagsheadpubrouth.co.uk/find-us/

RSVP'd Yes: 3 RSVP'd Maybe: 1
  • Jonathan Cant YR308 - Christmas Flu come early this year! - hopefully will be better by Friday.... will let you know
RSVP'd No: 1
  • Michael Ferrier YR409 - I'll be in no fit state - Christmas party the night before - hangovers seem to last a lot longer nowadays. Have a good Christmas and I'll see you in the New Year
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