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Do I have to have a mobile phone?
Basically YES! The basic communication equipment the group uses is a mobile phone and a CB. All the callout, standby and information from the controller usually comes via SMS. And your feedback to the controller is mostly via SMS. So really a mobile phone is needed to operate in the group.

SMS is rather better at carrying on working than actual calls which are often blocked by massive usage during major incidents. SMS also takes a lot less of the controllers time up than actual calls.

What is a controller?
YR4x4R person who calls out the members and organises teams - may also take the call from user agency.

What is a Team Leader?
YR4x4R person who heads the team of Responders on the ground during a call out.

Why didn't I get an SMS on the last standby?
You may not get one if you already posted your availability on the forum. Or if the controller thinks the incident is too far away from you.

Do I need a radio?
On the ground we normally use CB between team members so although not compulsory most members do have one and it is a cheap and handy method of communications. An 80channel CB is handy but we do usually only use the UK40 set of channels. Our normal channel is UK29.

What about amateur radio?
We do use this quite a lot but it will never replace CB as our main on the ground radio unless every single member has one!

It is very useful as it has longer range, it allows us to work closely with RAYNET where we have a working relationship with them.

Quite a number of members are finding it an interesting hobby and/or have joined RAYNET as well.

Do you use little walkie talkies?
Yes quite a lot of the members have PMR446 sets - which are really handy round the car for spotters or other short distance comms. Hand held CB's would equally be useful although not many people have them. They are just used ad hoc when needed.

What if my details change?
You can update your details here - If you have any problems please get in touch with the membership secretary (details on group structure page).

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